5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Beat Hotels

When visiting a city aside from home for an extended period of time, the cost of hotel accommodation can quickly increase up. A stay of a few weeks or a month can stretch actually the most generous cost account, and those who don't have the extravagance of claiming expenses face an actually greater cost.

Luckily, if you plan to stay more than a couple of weeks in one place right now there are other options than hotels. Serviced apartments can offer a much more cost-efficient - and comfortable - alternative to your accommodation needs.

A serviced apartment is essentially a fully furnished apartment that gives all the comforts of home while you're on the road. What's more, serviced apartments offer many advantages over hotels, such as...

1. More space

Hotel rooms around the globe are always small, no matter the cost. Hotels are designed towards short stays, and offer amenities beyond a bed and a small living area rarely.

Serviced apartments, about the other hand, offer much more area for the same price usually. A extravagance serviced residence could offer multiple bedrooms and a big, comfortable community centre for the same price as a single space in a hotel of an equivalent standard.

2. Home comforts

What's more, serviced apartments usually include such useful features as a full kitchen area, permitting you the freedom to cook for yourself rather than forcing you to proceed out for meals every time. Do check more about Service Apartments in Mumbai Andheri , Serviced Apartments Goregoan and Andheri Hotel

When you think approximately the cost of eating out for every meal, the inclusion of a kitchen area can save you an enormous amount of money over the program of a month very long trip. It's incredible how much money you can save with an easy fridge, stove and microwave.

3. DIY Laundry

Numerous serviced apartments offer in-room laundry facilities also. While this may not sound like much of an advantage over hotels (which usually offer a laundry program themselves), the cost savings can become enormous. I once stayed in a hotel in Dalian, China that cited $95 for a load of laundry, whereas a single load in an in-room washing machine would cost only the price of a bag of soap. As a guideline, hotel washing services are always overpriced.

4. Space for the family

While the vast majority of hotel rooms (with the exception of extremely expensive suites) offer limited space for family parties, apartments offer a very much wider array of accommodation options for groups travelling collectively. A serviced residence can usually be found with many bedrooms and bathrooms connected to a central living area, perfect for family members of any size.

5. Hotel-style facilities

Finally, many apartment blocks that offer a serviced option also offer many of the facilities you'd find in a very good hotel. Fitness centers, swimming pools, conference centers, restaurants and concierge program can all become found attached to serviced apartments, and frequently for a much lower cost than you'd pay in a hotel.

In the past, serviced apartments were typically only available for extended stays of several weeks at a time (with large deposits required to cover potential damages). Today, though, more and more apartments are giving a serviced option for stays as little as a few weeks. The next time you take a trip, why not look at the options available?