Could America Survive A Nationwide Terrorist Attack? abc

What would happen if loyalists of Saddam Hussein bombed 12 important U.S. cities one week ahead of the presidential election, pushing the world and the election into chaos?

Sound familiar? The same situation recently happened in Spain and might occur to other European and Asian countries that served America in the questionable war in Iraq and who have Americans living in or visiting them. Learn more about Ruth Schwartz Cowan Re-Releases Popular Books by visiting our riveting website.

Several people, including political pundits, believe that more large-scale terrorism can come to American soil and the American people. The broadcast danger by Al-Zawahiri, chief of Al-Queda, that bomb after bomb will quickly fall on America has the most of U.S. Residents frantic with worry. Certainly, terrorism is now one of many world's biggest fears and concerns.

"New splinter terrorist groups are organizing everyday who wish to kill Americans around the globe, making our security dubious for generations to come," said Bruce Schwartz, author of "The Twenty-First Century" (Park Avenue Press, ISBN # 0-9729076-0-2).

His new novel tells the story of America in the early decades of the 21st century but was written in the 1990s, before the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Schwartz's book cautions America in regards to the potential for a national terrorist attack.

His history details the destruction of 12 U.S. Towns by Iraqi terrorists just days before a election and results in America's second civil war. Learn additional info on our affiliated URL - Click here: Ruth Schwartz Cowan Re-Releases Popular Books. But Schwartz's type of civil war is not between regions; it is between classes and races.

"In the 1990s, hundreds of black churches were burned to the floor. Bias is widespread, right now, in America," Schwartz said.

The book's release with this presidential election year can induce several controversial talks on where our country is headed in regards to foreign policy, battle relations, terrorism and politics. Schwartz portrays the longer term like it were the headlines of today's news. Identify more on this partner article by clicking

Planned Tv Arts, Schwartz's publicists, believe that right now's an ideal time to generate this novel because his history could potentially become fact right before our eyes.

That chillingly prophetic story has received rave reviews because it indicates what America need to do to boost our society..