How To Use Hot Steam To Kill Bed Bugs

The bigges, and most important con is about knowledge and saftey.

The problem with steaming for bed bugs is that most people do not know they are misusing steamers until it is too late.

Never, ever use hot steam on an area that has already been sprayed with pesticide. Only spray it BEFORE the presticide is sparyed.

If you steam where chemicals have been placed, you are risking the spread of the chemicals.

The hot steam causes chemicals to evaporate and be vaporized into the air.

This can cause eye irritation, skin burns and breathing problems.

You have to be certain that no spray has been used for at least a month in an area that you want to steam.

Steam first; bug spray later.

You might be thinking, "Professionals use steamers after they spray, so why can't I?".

Professionals are licensed and trained on the proper use of all extermination equipment.

Some professional exterminators will spray cracks and crevices, to drive out bed bugs.

Then they will steam the bugs because they want to get them on the run.

Again, they know to keep the steam far away from the chemicals. I can not stress this enough!

There are more steamer don'ts that must be addressed before moving forward.

I am a mother, so I need to drill the saftey issues into your head before I explain how a steamer fits in to your bed bug eradication plan.

The don'ts are being covered first because it is very important to prevent bed bug related accidents or injury.

The next danger is pretty obvious. Steam cleaners release incredibly hot steam.

In fact, it is so hot it can cause burns even though clothes. I would know, I accidentally did this once.

You should never let a child steam, and should teach them to stay clear of you when you steam.

Another don't, do not steam near electrical outlets.

I have seen people tell other people to steam everywhere, and not to forget behind electrical face plates.

Of course, recognizing how dangerous that can be, forum owners quickly take those posts down.

Yes, bed bugs live in electrical outlets; however, you never want to steam electrical outlets.

Not only is there a dangerous reciving an electical shock, you may also accidentally melt the plastic covering of wires. This could cause an electrical fire.

Instead, remove the electrical cover and wipe the underside with enzyme cleaner.

This will kill bed bugs and eggs, and are bed bug deterrents.

One last warning about steam cleaners. Do not steam glass when it is cold.

It is true that bed bugs can hide in window sills.

If you apply hot steam to cold glass you risk craking or breaking the glass.

I have heard some people say, "I have steamed my windows in the winter, and nothing happened!"

Good for them. Some people have gotten lucky, but others have experienced the cracks and breaks.

When I got my steamer I thought, "Holy cow, steam cleaners clean better than anything else I have tried!" I went on a cleaning frenzy.

I realized that you can not clean for hours and hours with a steamer. It needs to restt long enough to cool down between rooms.

If you buy one just because you want to kill bed bugs, there is a chance you won't understand how to use one.