Easy Tips To Keep The Carpet Clean And Add To Its Life

Easy Tips To Keep The Carpet Clean And Add To Its Life

Carpet cleaning has many benefits. It improves the appearance of carpets and extends its durability. It removes the trapped pollutants and also keeps a check on mold and mite growth. A clean carpet reduces the chances of air borne diseases such as asthma, allergy and snoring among the family members. It is important to vacuum clean carpets thrice a week. Besides this, it is also required to get the carpet cleaned by professional carpet cleaners once in a year. The commercial carpet cleaning in San Francisco is done by many firms.


Some tips on carpet cleaning are given below.


Use vacuum cleaners - Clean the carpet with vacuum cleaners to remove the trapped dust particles. Take some time and thoroughly clean the carpets to remove the dirt present in the deep layers of fabrics. Regularly cleaning helps to remove the accumulated dirt and makes the cleaning process easier.


Removing stains - Spilling of ink, wine, tea etc. leaves many stains on the carpet which severely affects its look and life. Use a soft cloth or blotting paper to remove the excess liquid immediately. This will prevent the liquid from going deep inside. First wash the carpet with suitable cleaning solution, rinse it properly and at the end dry it using dryers. Shop-Vac filters are effective in removing stubborn stains. Use a carpet freshener to add good smell to the carpet.


Use mats - Use mats inside and outside the house to prevent dirt from entering the house. This will greatly help to keep the carpet clean. It is also advisable to remove the shoes before entering the house.