Questions on the drawing Wire Cut EDM molybdenum wire

Hi! Long time no see! Hope you all very well. I am Amy Ann from TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd in Suzhou. The October is over with Halloween Day. October is a harvest time, in my hometown, people had a harvest season and seeded wheat for next harvest and hope. So what did you get from that: more clients? More orders? New month comes, November is now! Less than two months, the year of 2016 is coming. I have to say I will be one year older. So if your plans in 2015 are not finished, you have to complete them in time. I always have the feeling that time flies! My plans haven’t been finished yet. Time is money. OK, let’s be back to the topic. We have to continue the topic of molybdenum wire. We have to do something to stimulate you to act, to buy our wire, to come to our factory. It is not a joke. Hope you can understand that.