How To Secure A Career As A Train Driver

How To Secure A Career As A Train Driver

Train or Locomotive driver is a great profession. However, a lot of people do not know the process to choose this career. In earlier times, it was not considered as a great profession because of the hazards of the job. Over the time, technology has mitigated all these hazards, and there are no risks for the locomotive drivers.


One can choose a career as a train driver but they have to go through a series of trainings and evaluations before landing to the job. There are training courses like PTS training that’s makes it very easy for you to get selected as a train driver.


Here is a step by step guide of the complete selection process, after completing PTS training to become a train driver.




The pre-selection is a simple SCAAT test that evaluates a candidate for their mental abilities and mechanical comprehension. These are some of the pre-requisites of the job and one needs these skills to excel as a professional train driver.


Assessment Centre


After you have cleared the basic test, you will require clearing the tests related to your physical abilities. Such tests are quite easier, but they evaluate you for being a perfect fit for the job.


Medical Test


When you have cleared the qualification, the team tests you for all kinds of medical conditions that can affect you in performing your duty as a train driver. A train driver needs to be physically fit and must not have any kind of critical medical condition.


When you clear these three levels, you get selected, and the company gives you details of a formal training program, before you start your career as a professional train driver.