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we can see in this web site there are two people who are the successful businesswoman  one of them is  Chiedza who is in her own right she was the youngest and first person of african origin to be named the RST Ricochet Satelite Technology licenced practitioner for 2016 - 2022 , making her the first woman of african descent to hold the title and licence. RST entered the main market in late 2015 for high-net worth clients and governments which Chiedza has always consulted for on national development programs, marketing and growth strategies, innovative solutions for a sustainable future that encompasses technology and the art of precision.

And another is  Chiedza has been a Keynote Speaker at countless events and seminars. In fact, Chiedza has given hundreds of speeches worldwide including Europe, Africa and Australia. She speaks on a variety of topics including the impact of technology in developing nations, entrepreneurship, satellite technology, and turn-around strategy. Whether she's speaking to a corporate audience or a crowd of students, she delivers a well-targeted message.

She has spoken in front of audiences of all ages - from elementary school kids, heads of government and successful corporate executives. When she was 18 years old, Chiedza was the Keynote Speaker with Julian Asteridge at the Youth International Technology Summit in Boston, United Kingdom.

They are in Africa and Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) .there are also some books which helped all the visitor who want to be successful man/woman in their life. So it is very important and helpful web sites for them who want to self depended in the country of Africa Zimbabwe, Cambridge, and all over the country in this world .so please visit this site to make your life successful.