Enzymatic saccharification The enzymatic sacchari cation of

A strain of yeast S. cerevisiae was selected as a model strain for fermentation of simple sugars. The fermentation was achieved using fresh commercial baker\'s yeast S. cerevisiae (Tunisian Society of yeasts, S. cerevisiae purchased from local market) [20].
2.2. Dilute Ubenimex pretreatment of J. maritimus
Milled J. maritimus was slurries in1% H2SO4 (5% on dry solid basis, DM, w/v) and pretreated in an autoclave at 121 °C for1 h. The wet material was filtered. The solid residue was washed 3 to 4 times by distilled water to neutralize pH. It was dried at 50 °C for 48 h [21].
2.3. Freezing/thawing pretreatment
5 g of milled J. maritimus were frozen in a zygote conventional freezer (Classical Freezer, LG, GN-392, Tunisia) for 24 h at −20 °C [22] and immediately thawing in water bath at 100 °C for 15 min just for obtaining a thawed material. The sample was then filtered and dried at 50 °C for 48 h. Finally, the residue was reserved for the enzymatic hydrolysis step.