Fig nbsp xA Diagram of damage

The geometrical part has been developed with a CAD program. This model FUT 175 applied to specific software processing the photometric characteristics, with Dialux software [13], where the following aspects have been considered:-Amount of radiation: Natural Light enters, depending on the cardinal orientation and the windows filters, on the located on the walls in front of the oils.-Types of day according to the climate: clear day (A; no clouds in the sky), covered day (B; sky foul covered by close) and cloudy day (C; sky partially covered by cloud), and the type of radiation: direct and/or diffuse, according to the data provided by the National Institute of Meteorology AEMET in Rascafría (Madrid) that consider the average percentages of different type of days.-The study was conducted from January to June, using equivalent illuminance values on 7th and 21st day of each month and at every hour of the day, from sunrise to sunset (more details in the spectral model described in 2.2.2).-The values of the reflection coefficient used for the surfaces of the cloister, with were measured using a Stellar Net EPP20002 spectrophotometer (Scan Range: 200–1100 nm, resolution of the order of 1 nm), are: 20% for the soil, 70% for the ceiling; and 50% for the walls.