As shown in Fig nbsp a

As shown in Fig. 10, a wind turbine blade is rigidly mounted on a CCG-63808 frame with a slope of 15° to the horizontal plane. The actuator is a servomotor that is set to run in the torque mode. A speed reduction of 1:15 is obtained by a planetary gearbox. A pulley and a cable converts the rotary motion to a linear motion which thus applies a tension force on the saddle attached to the blade. A load cell is mounted between the cable and the saddle in order to measure the applied force on the blade. Table 1 summarizes the specifications of the hardware used in the machine.
Fig. 10. Small blade testing machine (Sun Air Research Institute).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
Small blade testing machine specifications.Servo Motor and servo drive specificationsCompanyHangzhou MGE ElectronicsModel130ST-M15025Nominal power3.8 kWNominal speed2500 rpmNominal torque15N.mNominal current13.5 ADeriver modelEP100Modetorque controlTransmission line specificationsTransmission typePlanetary gearbox and pulleyCompanyVGMModelPG120L-15-22-110-SGears ratio1:15Pulley radius80 mmData acquisition RuBP system specificationsData acquisition cardAdvantech PCI-1711Analog input16 Single EndedSampling time0.001secSoftwareMATLABLoad cell and amplifier specificationCompanyDACELLModelUU-T1Max force10 kNAmplifier modelDV-AM100Analog filter10 HzFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV