Insect Killer Lamp Introduction

Insect Killer Lamp Introduction

Insect killer lamp is based on attracting insects insects phototaxis

characteristics, use insect specific spectral sensitivity range of trapping insects

and can effectively kill insects, reduce pest index, dedicated device pests and

insect-borne disease control.Insect killer lamo is mainly used to kill pests and

for reducing pesticide use


Definition of Insect killer lamp

Insect killer lamp is the professional lamp that lures insects implementation of

special lighting technology and is an essential instrument to horticultural and

agricultural planting.


Insect killer lamp is ecential chemical pesticides. Insect killer lamp is also a

inseperable product in rising production quality and safety of agricultural

products. Insect killer lamp is generally referred to as "plant protection

machinery".However, in fact buy insect killer lamp can protect more than just 



Insect killer lamp is also farming machinery that help collect high-protein diet 

farming insectivores, lower feed costs and improve product quality.


Insect killer lamp applies a physical control techniques that is light lure which is 

regarded as the best way to achieve the quality and safety of agricultural products


With the development of people's living standards,people began to focus on 

security issues.Pesticide residues has become the most important issue of 

agricultural products that matters food safety. To achieve food quality and safety, 

we must first use less chemical pesticides in agricultural production processes.


From all kinds of cotrol methods, the lights lure insects is the lowest cost, labor 

least, the best physical control methods with least side effects. Using insect killer 

lamp can not only control the insects but also do no harm to environment.


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