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Once again there were no favourable minor planet events taking

place over the areas covered by our observers in 2010. Also the weather

conditions proved an obstacle for the observers in the Gauteng area, as

it does in normal years for the coastal areas.

The highlight of the year was the expedition by a team Guest Houses in Upington of American

astronomers to observe the occultation of a star by Pluto in July 2010.

Groups of two members travelled to Boyden, the Karoo near Upington, the

Aloe Ridge hotel observatory and the Innes dome to observe the event.

The team at Aloe Ridge managed good results. All the other stations

suffered from cloudy conditions of some sort. Dave Hughes, Chris Curry

and Rodney Hyman put in a huge amount of effort to get the Innes

telescope in working condition for this observation.

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