Sinorock:We export our self drilling anchor bolt products in all over the world

Be skilled in manufacturing self drilling anchor bolt system - Sinorock,What do you think when you see the Sinorock brand for self drilling anchor bolt.
Experience,quality,professional and so on.These words all can not describe the brand of Sinorock.
The company has experienced significant growth over the past several years due to the acceptance and promotion of our products by well-respected engineering and contracting firms around the world.
We have all seen how product quality plays a fundamental role in construction safety and structural performance.This is now all the more important during the period of rapid globalisation that we are seeing within our industry.
To provide independent verification of the quality and performance of our products, we work in close cooperation with independent product and quality evaluation entities such as ISO&CE,We do this to ensure that our products evolve to remain as state-of the-art solutions to meet the changing requirements of our customers and engineering requirements of modern construction methods.
We export our self drilling anchor bolt products in all over the world.Our hard work has earned an unmatched position in the past years, and we have garnered a vast number of clients, due to the exceptional product series and flexible services. We wish to maintain in future as well.