How Can I Stop Uncontrolled Night Emissions, Ejaculation While Sleeping At Night?

Men, who ejaculate semen during sleep unknowingly, are said to be suffering from wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. You will enjoy spontaneous orgasm during sleep. It is quite common among young males because of increased secretion of testosterone. When your body limit is exceeded, you are likely to suffer from nocturnal emissions. Men, who are sexually inactive for longer periods, also suffer from wet dreams. Men, who do not engage in self stimulation, are likely to suffer from frequent nocturnal emissions. 

Occasional nightfall does not harm your health. Men, who have nerve problems, also suffer from frequent nocturnal emissions. Injury to the testicles or cancerous growth could result in frequent sperm ejaculation during sleep. Some men used to ejaculate few drops of semen while talking sex or on getting attracted to a beautiful female. If the nerve endings in the testicles, male organ and prostate gland are weak, you may suffer from wet dreams or semen leakage. Excessive masturbation also weakens parasympathetic nerves. Men, who suffer from uncontrolled emissions, are likely to suffer from bad effects like poor vision, sexual weakness, fatigue, and back pain. How to stop uncontrolled night emissions is through consuming healthy diet and staying away from hot working areas.

How to stop uncontrolled night emissions is through stop watching adult content and engaging in regular activities. You should also stop viewing adult magazines. You are advised to practice kegel exercises, stretching exercises, meditation and yoga to stop ejaculation while sleeping at night. 

You are advised to wear loose undergarments and ensure more oxygen supply to the reproductive organs stop ejaculation while sleeping at night. If you are alone in the room, try sleeping naked. You are advised to consume a cup of bottle gourd juice daily along with intake of herbal pills like No Fall capsules to stop ejaculation while sleeping at night. 

You are also advised to eat Indian gooseberry to stop uncontrolled night emissions. You should ensure sound sleep. You should stop working in hot areas. Consuming zinc rich foods help to stop uncontrolled night emissions. Include foods like lamb, liver, eggs, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, spinach, cashews, dark chocolate, bananas, pomegranate and oysters in your daily diet. 

You are advised to consume one each No Fall capsule and Maha Rasayan capsule in the morning and at night after intake of food daily for 3 to 4 months to completely stop ejaculation while sleeping at night.

Powerful herbs in No Fall capsules strengthen weak parasympathetic nerves and prevent nocturnal emissions naturally. It also boosts blood and oxygen supply to the genitals and rejuvenates reproductive organs.

On the other hand, potent herbs in Maha Rasayan capsules improve your stamina, strength, vitality and sex power. It helps to regain lost stamina and energy levels and perform better in bed. 

Important ingredients in No Fall capsules are Ashwagandha, Swaran Bang, Shilajit Sudh, Shatavari, Kesar, Pipal and Kaunch. 

Shilajit Sudh supplements your body with important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It strengthens your body and relieves you from fatigue. Pipal offers effective cure for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Ashwagandha boosts immune system and promote production of white blood cells. It improves sperm count and fertility. It relieves you from stress and lowers cholesterol. 

Kaunch improves your desire for lovemaking and muscle mass as well. Kesar is a blood purifier and relieves you from joint pain, depression and insomnia. It offers effective cure for nightfall. Swaran Bang possesses diuretic and anti-septic properties. It offers effective cure of uncontrolled sperm ejaculation and spermatorrhea.


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