Hui Ruoqi makes return to volleyball court by taobao agent tim

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Hui Ruoqi is finally back on court after 150 days off due to health issues. The captain of China's national team was diagnosed with a heart problem right before the last year's FIVB World Cup, and underwent surgery in August.Louis Vuitton Outlet Online

That was not the first time she's suffered complications from this issue, as she also missed time in 2013, but has now returned to action by suiting up for Jiangsu in the country's domestic league.

Hui Ruoqi announced her return to China's domestic volleyball scene just in time for Jiangsu's Semi-Final match against Shanghai.

She acknowledges that the 150 days spent recuperating kept her from playing the sport she loves, but despite not being able to suit up, she still managed to spend as much time with her teammates as possible.

"Although I didn't attend practice for a long time, my heart was always with the team. This year our team is mainly focused on the young players, and considering that we've done very well," she said.

Jiangsu sits in first place heading into the domestic Semi-Finals, and following a second straight loss to Shanghai, Hui is looking to help the squad pick up a much needed win - something the captain is sure they can do.

"We still have a good chance in the following matches, so we can't give up. It will take time for me to get back to top form, but I'm getting better every day," Hui said.

Although doctors have cleared Hui to get back on the court, she knows she needs to be at her best to help the team, so returning to competition is just the first step for the player tabbed by coach Lang Ping as the 14th captain of China's national team, and she's looking forward to the journey.

"I think I should first find my form physically, then improve my technique, which will allow me to train normally and return to competition. And if I can be selected for the national team again, I will do my best," she said.

Hui remains a popular figure among fans and the media, thanks to a string of inspiring performances in the past, and after leading Chinese squads that finished first in Asia and second in the world, the national team captain is working hard to return stronger than she's ever been.