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With so many golf range finders on the market, it's sometimes tough to distinguish one from your other. To start, there's the choice from your laser or GPS range finder. According to, laser range finders shoot out a "pulsing laser that calculates measuring time it will take heading to the prospective and bounce back on the machine." GPS, on the other hand, carries a preset gang of courses already inside the range finder and it uses satellites to pinpoint your posture and your distance on the flag, much like how a Garmin or TomTom supports navigation. However, this finite volume of golf courses presents a problem in which the information in the GPS range finder may be outdated. This helps to explain why GPS range finders are less costly than most laser range finders. These and many other facets of range finders may play into the decision about which to decide on for the gift this holiday season. Luckily, there are multiple online resources to help tell all these range finders apart. Here's a list of some solid online resources for researching a range finder purchase.

The Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC laser rangefinder carries a built-in digital inclinometer that measures angles from -60 to +60 degrees with +/- 1 percent accuracy. The Angle Range Compensation feature allows users to understand their exact point of aim in steep terrain, or from your treestand. The unit's pocket sized ergonomic design comes with a textured rubber grip and the eyepiece has 5x magnification to get a clear sight picture.

The specs of the handheld device will include a 520MHZ processor, 128MB RAM, and 1GB of onboard storage under the hood. It also features 2005 Windows Mobile 5.0 for seamlessly running software programs for the field requirements. It is also competent at WLAN connectivity providing you usage of your company's secure network, in addition to Bluetooth-enabled laser rangefinder, and bar code reader. Boasting of powerful functionality and rugged design, this program the professional inside field. Buy it on Amazon for $3,192.

It was just like hunting, old elk rubs lined elements of the trail. One was required to look hard to spot some of the foam critters. The first 50 % of the course demands powering up steep inclines which has got the pulse rate up. Suddenly you're in position to shoot a pleasant buck and you are breathless. That's good practice.

Sporting a dual-core processor for faster performance as well as a 32-channel Cartesio chipset, the Earthmate PN-40 is not just another high-accuracy GPS device. The PN-40 also offers a barometric altimeter giving you accurate altitude readings. The package for this device includes three CDs which have detailed topographic information and street maps of the USA, that may be uploaded for the device via USB 2.0. It is also accurate within 3 meters and it is available on Amazon for $221.16.