Tips To Enjoy The Best Kashmir Adventure Tours With Local Experts

Tips To Enjoy The Best Kashmir Adventure Tours With Local Experts

Kashmir and adventure are simply inseparable. Go on a Kashmir Tour and explore the most celestial destination of India which is tantamount to heaven. Its incredible beauty and amazing adventure sports facilities make it a big hit with both national and international tourists. Truly, if you have not seen Kashmir, you have not seen India. Although there are several enchanting destinations in Kashmir but the most famous ones for beauty and adventure are Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg and Drass.


Kashmir is home to beautiful series of lakes and the most famous one amongst them is the Dal Lake. Staying at the houseboats on Dal Lake dedicates an exotic view of landscape for tourists and it is an experience hard to describe in words. One can easily find vacation packages in the market with accommodation at houseboats in Dal Lake.


Another famous Kashmir attraction is the Mughal gardens lying on the shore of Dal Lake. These beautiful gardens were built during the ruling period of Jahangir, the great son of Mughal Emperor Akbar.


Also the Majestic Bahu Fort enclosed with charming garden is an important tourist place in Kashmir. For those interested in Kashmiri paintings and other handicrafts, must visit the marvelous Mubarak Mandi Palace in Kashmir which is a great example of Gothic, Mughal and Rajasthani architecture styles.


Along with these there are also other attractions in Kashmir like Raghunath temple, Shankaracharya temple, Vaishno Devi temple, Peer Baba, Hemis Gompa and Patnitop. But these are some of the attractions that are mostly covered by holiday packages and vacation packages designed for a truly Kashmir Adventure Tours.


Kashmir is a land of outstanding scenery which forms stunning mountain peaks to deep valleys with fast flowing streams. Above all Kashmir offers walkers peace and tranquility - No overcrowding and no pollution.


GETAWAYTOURANDTRAVELS also offers splendid water gaming facilities like rafting, trout fishing, para sailing, Para gliding and water skiing. In short no matter what defines a perfect holiday for you, a Kashmir holiday will never disappoint you.


As per your preference, look for Kashmir tour packages and plan your holiday here.