Celestron Cavalry 7x50 Binoculars abc

It's a bit chilly but sure the initial tee on the Machrihanish Dunes greens about the southwest coast of Scotland. I'm furnished with a couple of nice rental clubs (that sadly hold the wrong shafts personally), but I have a secret weapon that I've brought along: the Bushnell Tour Z6 Rangefinder. I'm going to place it with the paces here, under Scottish links golf conditions, plus Portugal, where I am hoping for slightly warmer temperatures.
A rangefinder camera provides higher image quality than an SLR. This is partly while there is no flipping mirror; lenses can therefore be developed in a way how the back of the lens doesn't have to be removed from the image plane to prevent getting hit by the mirror. When using a wide-angle lens, this enables designers to generate lenses whose rear elements have far larger proximity for the image plane. Consequently, wide-angle rangefinder lenses may be sharper, smaller and provide less distortion than your average SLR lens.
Did you see the bracelets that Justin Rose and Ted Purdy happen to be sporting from the course lately? These bracelets aren't your standard outfit accessory, they are the latest high-tech new golf gadgets from Q-Link and golfers are embracing to remove stress on the course. The Q-Link company focuses primarily on pendants and bracelets that are supposed to "tune your biofield by way of a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly via a stressful world." This latest product, the Performance Bracelet, features programming that resonates a supporting frequency if this detects stress to help you our bodies wind down. Being calm is the vital thing to great golf game and for approximately $80, this little gem from ToolsForWellness.com may be really worth the change.
Weighing just 7.5 ounces, the 60CSx features a very accurate and highly sensitive GPS receiver that will track your position even though under tree cover or even in canyons with 3-foot accuracy. Designed primarily to the outdoorsman in your soul, this high-accuracy GPS device features a bright, color TFT display which includes great sunlight legibility. Buy it on Amazon just for $219.49.
Here's an augmented reality rangefinder for the iPhone. It's a pretty useful golf GPS rangerfinder that gives you front, center and back green, around 40 professionally mapped targets per hole, and more than 35,000 courses located worldwide. This golf GPS app for golfers with the iPhone pinpoints your posture around the golf course - to enable you to identify potential hazards and choose your landing area. The app's GPS rangefinder display good sized quantities, front, center and back of green and up to 40 points per hole. It also has position indicators per hazard and supplies you with the distance for a target. (Price: $19.99) (Download link)