Pagudpud: Philippines Best Destination for Kiteboarding

Pagudpud is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations in the Philippines, thanks to kiteboarding and kitesurfing. This coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte province was first known for its extreme windsurfing activities. However, improved safety saw Pagudpud become a popular destination for kiteboarding and kitesurfing. A once traditional windsurfing destination hurriedly adopted kiteboarding as the companion sport, making its global network even stronger. Pagudpud is always choked-full from November to May. Why? The northeast monsoon season starts in November and moves all the way to May. During this season, breezes of 20-30 knots become frequent, thereby, creating a condition favorable for kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding in Pagudpud is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. The place experiences a combination of moderate and strong breeze alongside large waves that most debutants can find intimidating. As a result, it features fascinating sheltered areas for learning kiteboarding. Beginners who have visited these areas have come out thrilled by how easy it is to learn kiteboarding in Pagudpud. Nevertheless, this is not the main attraction here: The towns ability to grant opportunity for extreme kiteboarding attracts countless numbers of visitors every year to Ilocos Norte Province.

When you step on the white sand of Pagudpud, move to the west, towards the clear blue beaches. Kiteboarding Pagudpud along the West is probably the best, and you will yearn for more. The beaches are found on both sides of the peninsular, and they present good kiteboarding at different seasons of the year. With a combination of predicament wave sets to fly off, steady breezes for maximum speed, and up-market beach resorts or a choice of budget to choose from, Pagudpud is simply the main attraction site for intermediate and advance kiteboarders.

For those who do not have kiteboarding or kitesurfing equipment, worry no more. The town offers an opportunity to rent kiteboarding gear to ensure your initial fantasies become real. With more than a few beach resorts, which cater specifically for kiteboarders, renting kiteboarding equipment in this area is now easier than it once was. You can rent boards and kites for a reasonable price. Prices vary, depending on the quality and demand of the equipment. However, renting should be the last resort since most people only trust their own kite maintenance.

With the pristine sky blue beaches alongside lush paradise of white sand, kiteboarding Pagudpud is the best extreme sports you can participate in. Whether you are on a vacation or at work, Pagudpud is Philippines best destination for unforgettable kiteboarding.

One of the most famous beaches for kitesurfing in Pagudpud is Kingfisher Beach. When you do kitesurfing in Kingfisher you will get an unforgettable experience in a world class spot.