Modest spacing well known idea as "Nuggets" New Directions

Lately, using the quick decline while in the unit price tag of LED products and LED display upgrade technologies, much more and much more enterprises commence LED display from indoors to outdoors, fine pitch LED show sector is now the new "Nuggets" path.

Not long ago, Engineering LED reporter interviewed discovered the present inside a small distance in between the LED display to present a "high degree of market place concentration," all have exhibited a smaller spacing LED.

The so-called compact pitch LED display(en12966),is pointing pitch P2.five following indoor LED display. Such as P2.5, P2.0, P1.eight, P1.5 even smaller sized pitch LED show goods. This is often constant with a shade display, seamless, simple set up and servicing, and other positive aspects, the emergence of a tiny pitch, breaking the previous DLP, LCD and large-screen projection mosaic tripod predicament.


"Small pitch LED display into indoor applications, the trend is unstoppable." A products director of marketing, mentioned whenever indoor advertising display, multi-functional conference hall, banquet hall, studio, central control room, as well as ordinary property applications LED Television, the two during the use of smaller pitch LED show.Get more quality standards of EN12966 led traffic screen, you can learn more about Agape Technology.TEL:+86(0)755-23884258  E-mail:[email protected]