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I'll never forget the latter, when I learned to read Russian, showing me the last letters she had sent. Returned undeliverable. And to think that we are here TOGETHER, on this blog, talking about our ancestors and what happened in their lives. Change in logUACR (R = 0.19, P = 0.10) independently of reduction in systolic BP ( = 0.13) and change in plasma glucose ( = 0.06). After 1 year of antihypertensive treatment UACR was still related to LV hypertrophy independently of systolic BP, and the reduction in UACR during that first year of treatment was related to regression of LV hypertrophy independently of reduction in systolic BP. This suggests that the relationship between LV hypertrophy and glomerular albumin leakage is not just due to parallel BP induced changes.

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