Linda Rubio Horse Expert Witness

251 Point San Pedro Rd.
San Rafael, CA 94901, United States

Linda Rubio is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier horse expert witness. With over 40 years of experience as a riding instructor and stable owner, as well as 24 years of additional experience as an equine expert witness, she has the knowledge and the expertise to assist in any legal proceeding concerning horse riding camps, horseback riding lessons, or any horse accident-related issue.Current owner, manager, and principal instructor at Miwok Livery in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Linda Rubio has a long history in the horse riding industry. From her early beginnings as owner and instructor of Point Reyes Livery in the 1970s to her post today at her very own Miwok Livery, this horse expert witness has decades of experience in horse boarding facilities, horse riding camps, stable management, and horse care. Since 1981, Rubio has managed and trained employees, organized children's horse riding camps, led trail rides, and taught horseback riding to countless students.Today, Linda Rubio provides expert witness services to the San Rafael, CA area