Process techniques of optical fiber manufacturing

The quality of the fiber depends largely on the purity of the raw materials, and raw materials for chemical reagents required strict purification according to fiber optic manufacturer in china, its content of metal impurities should be less than a few ppb. So today, let’s have a look at the process techniques of optic fiber manufacturing.


The stability of fiber quality depends on stable process parameters. Preparation of fiber requires not only a set of sophisticated production equipment and control systems, particularly important to long-term stability of process parameters, must be equipped with a complete set of facilities and equipment for detection and correction of optical fiber processing equipment operating parameters of each component . In the MCVD process as an example: To be used to control the flow rate of the reaction gas mass flow controller (MFC) regular online or offline test correction, in order to ensure the accuracy of its control flow; the reaction temperature, according to fiber optic cable supplier, required for the measurement of the infrared temperature measuring instrument regularly inspected by blackbody radiation system calibration to ensure the accuracy of the temperature measurement; to each glass lathe moving parts regularly check to ensure the stability of its operating parameters; even run on a computer used to control the process itself Parameters regularly checking. Only by maintaining stable process parameters, be possible to continue to produce consistent quality fiber optic products.


Since it is necessary to have a high quality for this product, we, as suppliers, should pay high attention to the whole process when we doing the fiber optic adaptor wholesale for our customers.