A healthy lifestyle is very important in our daily life

With the fast development in modern society, more and more people pay attention 
to their health. Firstly, I would like to say own a healthy body is very 
important in daily life. It depends on someone’s happiness index.

However, most people has a very bad living habits. such as smoking, drinking, 
sleep late, lack of exercise and so on. those bad habits cause serious influence 
to our health. So, if you want to own a healthy body, please change your 

First of all, decrease smoking time from today, or choose a electronic cigarette 
instead of , because It is almost no harm to people’s body. besides, it is said 
that can choose different flavor according to what you like.

Secondly, drinking as little as possible , If it is not important occasions.

Thirdly, change your sleeping time, remind yourself go to bed as ealy as possible 
, if necessary, setting a alarm clock.

At last, make a plan for stick to regular exercise. the way of exercise could be 
not restrict. you can jogging, walking, play badminton or basketball etc. In 
short, start from a little habit, a good body will belonged to you. you can go 
where you want to go, do what you want to do, enjoy woderful life as much as 
possible. Then, a happiness life will be waved to you. your life will be more and 
more colorful.