Know More About COSH Regulation

Know More About COSH Regulation

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSH) regulation 1988 was actually came into force at the end of 1989. Since then many amendments are done in it and last amendment is done in 2004 and come into force in 2005. COSH is implemented to all those companies that produce or use products hazardous to health. the owners have to prevent or reduce exposure of hazardous gasses and chemicals by workers. One can reduce the risk of exposure of hazardous substance by keeping following things in consideration:


1. Finding the hazards or its source.
2. Risk assessment of hazards.
3. Use control measures to reduce harm.
4. Providing proper instructions and information to employees about working conditions and hazards.
5. Proper and timely COSH inspections and testing.


COSH assessments emphasis on risks and hazards from workplace substances.COSH assessments are done by complete site inspections and deep inspections of substances that could be hazardous and the hazards related to them. 


COSH assessments should be done by some proficient and professional person who can carry out the COSH Inspections properly by considering all terms of COSH Regulations. COSH inspections need to do timely and regular to assure the safety of your employees and equipments.


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