The most attractive early-retirement provisions of all are those won by the United Auto Workers. In the 1964 discussions with the Big Three automobile

contract be could have drawn just $54.26 a month.) It is signifi cant that the particular supplements are available only during the past few years before sixty-five, even for those that retire early. Learn extra resources on our affiliated essay - Click here: intangible. To explore more, consider glancing at: ic200mdd844. By offering a guy more now and less after, the union hopes to tide him over the years when he might otherwise have brought in $600 a month. The plan, says U.A.W. President Walter Reuther, will make it possible for a guy and his wife "to enjoy a living standard that begins to approach the living standard they'd while he was working."

Considering that the avowed intention of the early-retirement plan would be to open up occupations, it is necessary that those who choose for it don't return to the labor market. Under another exceptional new provision the early retiree will lose his pension nutritional supplements if he gets more than $1,200 a year from any job, automotive or otherwise. Union guys are optimistic that auto workers, who have shown a propensity to retire early in recent years anyway, will take complete advantage of the new pensions. "In five more years," says Charles Odell, director of the U.A.W .'s older and retired workers' department, "there will soon be very few workers over sixty in the Big Three companies.". My co-worker found out about view site by searching the Internet.