How may I edit videos?

Windows Movie Maker is a free program for producing and editing amateur films, which is involved in Microsoft Windows operating system family, beginning with Windows ME, and ending with Windows Vista. Even so, you may also search for Windows Movie Maker for Mac and do the installation independently.

With this program you may make, mount, and present your movies right to your home PC with simple drag and drop operations. The program allows you to combine special effects, narration and music. After producing a film, you can burn it to a CD to send to good friends and acquaintances via e-mail or post it on the web.

The software is fairly easy to apply and above all it is created for amateur film-making. But we must not assume the simplicity of the software as a disadvantage, but rather the exact opposite. Of course, as a video editor, Windows Movie Maker is quite weak, but as an application to make slideshows, this app is exactly what you require. In some aspects of this software is excellent even to professional apps for creating videos.

Here are the important functions:
It has a simple and user-friendly user interface.
The ability to develop professional-quality films.
The ability to create a slide show of the images.
The opportunity to obtain video from a digital or analog camcorder.
Support for more cameras, including analog and digital.
The option to record films from your PC right to the camcorder.
The opportunity to cut and splice movie.
Ability to incorporate transition effects, titles and credits, audio track.
Saving the highest quality photo and sound using the newest compression technology, Windows Media.
The ability to adjust the quality of the film produced.
Ability to save movie directly on the video camera.

The software has a classic intuitive interface, which by its ideology is comparable to a lot of video editors. Naturally, there exist some special features that make this program distinctive.

When becoming accustomed to WMM for Mac or Windows, you can conclude that it is a great tool for producing not just amateur, but also professional videos. Sadly, the program has got some drawbacks. For example, poor editing import video files, in addition to the inconvenience and minimal display information on attached frames. But this is easily compensated by the work program, as well as a big collection of video effects, transitions and animated text display. You can download Windows Movie Maker for Mac online.

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