Tiki Torches - For An Attractive Setting

Tiki culture is not new. It started way back in the 1930s. Tiki Torches was first used for decorating restaurants on Donn Beach. These days there are different types of Tiki Torches available in different designs, styles and finishes. Going by their elegance and serene looks they provide to the surroundings, people have started using them as an accessory to decorate their patios and backyards.

Recently, all my friends wanted an evening out at a place where we could relax and enjoy. Finally the venue of the party was decided to be at my place. I thought of decorating the backyard with Tiki Torches, for a glowing ambiance. Initially the idea was to decorate the area with Bamboo Tiki Torches, to give an authentic island feel, but I thought of considering other types too.

I knew about the popular options like Metal Tiki Torches and electric torches. After hunting around at various stores, I decided to search the Net. I was thrilled to see so many types of Tiki Torches and the kind of look they provide. Here's what I learnt:.

Metal Tiki Torches last longer and give a permanent solution as a garden accent. They last longer and are usually made of steel or brass. They look beautiful both during the day and night.

Ceramic and Glass Tiki Torches are considered to be an elegant choice. They are more eclectic and are available in eye catching designs and shapes. The Glass Tiki Torches are similar to the ones used in London in the 18th and 19th century. They work well during the rainy season and allow the light to shine through.

Electric Tiki Torches are usually used in indoors. They are battery operated and require very low maintenance. They can be used for special lightening effect and add a special feeling to the evening.

Propane Tiki Torches/ Gas Tiki Torches have gained popularity over Oil Tiki torches. The wick of a Propane Tiki Torches doesn't blow out from the wind. With the help of master valve one can easily control flame. You can use dimmer switch when using outdoor. They are great for outdoor parties - beach, camps, backyard or patios.

Beside the Garden Tiki Torches, there are Table Tiki Torches also available. You can use them for decorating the tables and giving a pleasant setting to the room. They are not at all dangerous and are available great styles.

I finally purchased a lovely designer Garden Tiki Torch from Heater-Store, that was offering these at competitive prices. On the internet, Tiki Torches are relatively priced low, but this doesn't mean that their quality is been compromised. If you buy them from a reliable store, as I have done, you won't find any problem. For more information on Tiki Torches, visit Heater-Store.

By: Mohita Bhargava

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