Facebook's CastleVille/Castle Ville How To, Help, Cheats and Tips

This is a beautiful little app, it will save you hours of trolling through your neighbours posts to pick up gifts and do it all for you with no prompting while you do something else.

Once you set it running just leave the page open, it will find each gift, collect it, say whoopee that it collected a gift and then it will refresh itself and pick up another gift, and will carry on until pou cheats it's found everything for you.

Don't panic if you see that one of the gifts hasn't been accepted or has expired it will still carry on to do all the rest for you with no need for you to raise a finger or push a button.


1. Go to your Facebook home page.

2. Enter Castleville Bonus in the search bar and click on the result.

3. You can set the privacy setting right away - I've set it to my Castleville list, but you can set it to Only Me if you don't want the app to post to your FB page. Then click .

4. Next, give the app permission to Post to Facebook as me and Access posts in my News Feed by clicking the button. The post option isn't required, but the app will need to access your News Feed posts in order to operate correctly.

5. When the Castleville Bonuses app loads, you may need to close a pop-up ad. Do so.

6. You will want to pay close attention to the activity that is going on right behind the ad. The app will begin analyzing your news feed posts to get game bonuses. It will fetch all available game bonuses on your news feed and show the total number of posts analyzed and game bonuses. Now you can select which bonuses to claim by ticking the check boxes next to each reward.

7. You can also use the Search filter to search for a specific reward if there are too many results to sort through by hand. The Claiming Options include the ability to: leave a comment for 5% of the bonuses for friends, post to your wall, like every bonus claimed, and the Claiming time for each post. The default 10 seconds is fine, unless you have a slower internet connection - you could increase it.

8. After selecting your bonuses and options, press . A new browser window will open up and will begin claiming your rewards. It will refresh every 10 seconds to load the next reward. You can watch the app page itself to see which bonuses are currently being collected. When the collection is complete the window will close.

9. Now every time you open the app, you just need to let it fetch from the news feed and then claim your rewards with the quickness.

Have fun collection your Castleville game bonuses with ease!!

First time I ran this app it collected 88, yes 88 gifts for me - and all I did was go get a cold Pepsi Max out of the fridge.

Good times!