Reviews for Laptop Chargers

First let me thank Amazon for having this product in stock. I only wish I had turned to Amazon at first glance. My first purchase was made directly through Dell. Needless to say, the representative sold me the wrong product and it took a week or more before I realized that the item was not compatitable - I only noticed that from Dell's website, the product was still in production. After making a phone call to Dell a second or third time I was informed that the item was not compatible. The order laptop charger had to be cancelled and the correct item ordered (mind you, I had only two hours of battery life left). A friend suggested I look for the item on Amazon and to my suprise, AMAZON had the item and it was 70% less expensive than the same item ordered from Dell. Even though I orderded the Amazon product a week later than the product from Dell, they both arrived on the exact same day. Now, I have an extra AC Adapter/Power Supply and Cord for my Dell Inspiron. I will definitely look to Amazon before ordering other products in the future.

Perfect operation. No overheating, Stable voltage and current output and has a grounded AC cord. Be aware the DC out plug is HEX shaped and is a very snug fit and requires some additional force to plug into the laptop. There is an advantage to this in that this adapter never pulls loose.

This has been a very good replacement but be aware that the reviews on Amazon combine at least 2 different versions of the adapter. The one that I have is a square plastic brick (1 15/16W x 4 3/8 L x 1 1/4 D) with a green "ON" indicator LED. Both cord-sets are 48" long. AC is 3 prong on one end and 3 round female connectors nested in a triangular configuration.

Kids got identical Dell laptops, and both original power units stopped working about 2 years later. After trying and failing get the absolute tools at Dell to replace them for a reasonable fee, I ordered this and it worked perfectly.I want to add a comment here to encourage other Dell buyers to never buy from Dell again. I understand when a warranty is over I have to pay, but if I tell you that your part has failed maybe offer to send me one for cost rather than asking me to ship the whole laptop in at my expense for service? You lost a customer and I hope you lose more, Dell.