1 group has agreed draft of Iran sanctions resolution

The United States has reached a new agreement with the P 5+1 group of major developed countries on a draft of a resolution for sanctions against Iran, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today.     hdmi wireless

Speaking at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Ms. scepticism on Iran acceptance of a proposal to give up some of its low enriched uranium in exchange for 20 percent enriched uranium from Turkey: announcement is as convincing an answer to the efforts undertaken in Tehran over the last few days as any we could provide.

As per the proposals agreed by Tehran in exchange for moving low enriched uranium off its soil Iran would receive 20 percent enriched uranium for use by the Tehran Research Reactor for medical isotopes.    HDMI Series

However the Secretary went on to argue that that there were a number of unanswered questions regarding the announcement coming from Tehran, despite the sincere efforts of both Turkey and Brazil to find a solution regarding Iran standoff with the international community over its nuclear program. to Iran May 18, 2010       extender hdmi