Stopping Heartburn abc

Esophagus is a muscular pipe through which meals passes in the mouth to stomach. When one feels a painful feeling in the esophagus, the condition is called heartburn symptoms. Heartburn is definitely caused by intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal acid which regurgitates below the breastbone. In simple terms, when digestive, gastrointestinal acid starts rising in the gullet (esophagus). These types of acids are otherwise essential to digest the meals. Heartburn is also called pyrosis. Heartburn can lead to chronic cough and asthma. It will be interesting to know that heartburn is usually not connected with heart. It is a complications associated with digestion system of your body.

Gullet contains a muscles at the bottom to avoid acid from rising. Muscle contracts by itself to let this happen. When the muscle fails to agreement, the acid begins rising. Medical fraternity has not been able to understand the exact reasons behind the failing of muscles to agreement on a few occasions or for some people all the time.

There are plenty of causes of acid reflux. These are linked to the eating habits of the individual. Excess of citrus fruit and veggies like tomato can lead to acid reflux. People with habits of nibbling too much of chocolate or spicy food are prone to heartburn. In case you drink excess of tea, espresso or various other aerated or carbonated beverages, you are at the risk of having heartburn. Needless to say, it is better to avoid vices like smoking, alcoholic beverages, etc to avoid heartburn.

There is certainly other set of reasons resulting in heartburn. These reasons are certainly not related to diet plan. These include lots of bending, pregnancy, obesity, and wearing tight clothes.

Prevention is said to be better than cure. Same applies to acid reflux. Here are someways you can avoid or reduce heartburn. If you smoke or drink weighty, stop it immediately. Provide discipline to your eating routine particularly the meals. Don't overeat, especially prior to bedtime. In case you had to take heavy food before bedtime, take a brick walk prior to going to sleep. Prevent spicy or fatty foods. Such meals are good for taste, but bad for digestion. Never eat the food fast and chew this well. Good sleeping practices include sleeping on your left side. You may also enhance the head of the bed by few ins so acids can't raise. Never bend after your meals. Take a period gap of at least 15 minutes to do this. Last but not the least, avoid using tight devices or clothing which apply pressure in your stomach.
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