6 Restaurants in Delhi NCR that Offer Authentic Rajasthani Cuisines!


Rajasthan, the place of Rajas and Maharajas isn’t only famous for its rich culture, heritage, handicrafts, but its spice-laden dishes too. A state favourite to every traveler, when it comes to delicacies, has much to offer. Rajasthani food is famous all over for their lip-smacking qualities and appetizing taste.


Below given restaurants in Delhi NCR are famous to dish out delicious Rajasthani cuisines. Have a look...


Khandani Rajdhani: Situated in MGF Metropolitan, Gurgaon, the Khandhani Rajdhani is the best place to find North Indian specialties including the chartbuster Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines. The restaurant features simple interiors, serene surroundings, but delicious foods.




Suruchi: Located in the busy streets of Karol Bagh, West Delhi, it is a restaurant chain appreciated for the authentic Rajasthani dishes along with many other. The services that they provide are courteous and the staffs are friendly. The food served over here is luscious. Besides the royal Rajasthani Thali, cuisines that you should not miss include the Rajasthani Kadi, Gatte ki Sabzi, and the yummy Rajasthani Dal.


Thaal Vaadi: Thali Vaadi, in the Great Indian Place, Noida, is famous for its food-laden thalis. It offers a variety of choices to tickle your taste buds craving for Rajasthani cuisines. If you are searching for typical Rajasthani thaali, it is the place to go then. With crispy dal, papad and buttermilk, the thaali looks even more sumptuous.




Shraman: Nestled in fancy Ashok Hotel, the Shraman is a pure vegetarian restaurant that outshines every restaurant in Delhi NCR when it comes to delicious Rajasthani food. When it comes to authentic food of Rajasthan, this place never disappoints. Also, you get a chance to savour other North Indian Cuisines. What’s special, the food here is onion and garlic free. Some of the popular dishes that one must try are Marwari Kadhi, Jodhpuri Mirch Paneer, and Sangri ki Sabzi.


Kathputli: Based in South Delhi’s Defence Colony Market, it is the popular Rajasthani restaurant that serves excellent traditional food. This place is painted in Rajasthani colour right from the ambiance to a man in traditional Rajasthani outfit holding and playing ektara at the entrance. Even the interiors have Rajasthani touch. They have an exhaustive menu, however, the dishes that you should not miss are Mirchi Pakora, Rajasthani Kachori, Paneer Gander and Aloo Shekhawati.




Rajasthan Food Stall: If every restaurant fails, head to one and only Dilli Haat, INA, the favourite hotspot for Rajasthani cuisines. Whether you want to savour Bihari, Bengali or Gujarati cuisines, this place is known to have it all. The food is yummy and keeps your tummy yet wallet both happy. There you’ll find a variety of Rajasthani delicacies.


So, next time when your heart craves for something Rajasthani, head to above-mentioned places and eat to your heart’s content.


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