How To Burn Fat In Thighs

Ready to lose that belly fat? This morning, Dr Oz revealed his diet plan for the new year on the Dr. Oz Show. By following his two week diet plan, you can expect to lose weight, live longer and just feel better!

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The 4 week plan is not about eating raw food or alternating to different eating habits, it is about developing a positive energy in your body. Many people have benefited in numerous ways by adapting to the four week plan. Some of the health benefits of the four week plan include reduced risk of disease, weight loss, clearer skin and increased energy. The four 3 week diet is also sometimes referred to a detox plan. This plan needs to be followed very strictly if you want to gain the benefits.

The other part of eating the proper foods is eating at the right time. It is not as easy as just jamming food into your mouth every time that you feel hungry. Also, the old saying of "three square meals per day" just does not work. For weight loss, diet & exercise aren't enough and the timing of your food intake is essential.

Before you begin this plan, measure your waist line. Dr Oz says that a person's waist measurement should be no more than half of one's height measurement. Any more than that, you are carrying excess belly fat.

+ Change your diet: Many studies have been conducted regarding this matter and it's been determined, time and time again, that a 3 week diet system provides you with an optimized mental clarity. Don't think that's true? Go buy yourself a vegan cookbook, pre-cook a few meals, so that you can have them ready during work-heavy periods and see how you feel over the course of a week.

Arm Curls: For a good sculpting workout that can last as little as ten minutes, begin by doing seated curls on the ball. Simply sit on the ball with legs and feet hip width apart. Next, with arms at the sides grab some free weights. Bring weights slowly up towards your shoulders and repeat. Try doing three sets of ten or twelve reps.

Water is one diet you can't miss out on. It's easy and it's free, and the "exercise" can be performed at work, at home, and in all times of leisure. It truly is the best weight loss diet.