Hints and Eriksson a summarized the distribution and diversification

Plate III. Paulinitids, atraktoprionids and other selected scolecodonts from the Upper Ordovician of the Qusaiba-1 core hole. All specimen from the Quwarah Member of the Qasim Formation, latest Katian or earliest Hirnantian, except 25, which comes from the basal Sarah Formation (“disrupted facies”), Hirnantian. Same scale Atorvastatin used throughout; specimens are in dorsal view unless noted otherwise.1–11.Kettnerites sp.1.left MI, GIT641-55, sample 497.8 ft.2.left MI, GIT641-56, sample 497.8 ft.3.left MI, GIT641-57, sample 497.8 ft.4.left MI, GIT641-58, sample 484.7 ft.5.right MI, GIT641-59, sample 484.7 ft.6.right, GIT641-60, sample 497.8 ft.7.right MI, GIT641-61, sample 497.8 ft.8.left MII in half-lateral view, GIT641-62, sample 528.3 ft.9.left MII in half-lateral view, GIT641-63, sample 528.3 ft.10.left MII, GIT641-64, sample 484.7 ft.11.left MII in half-lateral view, GIT641-65, sample 497.8 ft.12.Atraktorpion sp. 1, right MI, GIT641-66, sample 484.7 ft.13.Atraktorpion sp., right MI, GIT641-67, sample 497.8 ft.14.Atraktorpion sp. 2, left MI, GIT641-68, sample 497.8 ft.15.Atraktorpion trace fossil sp. 2, left MI, GIT641-69, sample 497.8 ft.16.Atraktorpion sp. 3, left MI, GIT641-70, sample 497.8 ft.17.Atraktorpion sp. 2, left MI, GIT641-71, sample 497.8 ft.18.Atraktorpion sp. 1, left MI, GIT641-72, sample 497.8 ft.19.Atraktorpion sp. 1, right MI, GIT641-73, sample 497.8 ft.20.Atraktorpion sp. 2, right MI, GIT641-74, sample 497.8 ft.21.prionognath right anterior maxilla, GIT641-75, sample 497.8 ft.22.prionognath right anterior maxilla, GIT641-76, sample 497.8 ft.23.Kalloprion? sp., right MI, carrier, GIT641-77, sample 497.8 ft.24.prionognath right anterior maxilla, GIT641-78, sample 497.8 ft.25.Gen. et sp. indet. 1?, carrier, GIT641-79, sample 452.75 ft.26.Kettnerites sp.?, carrier, GIT641-80, sample 497.8 ft.27.Kettnerites sp.?, carrier, GIT641-81, sample 497.8 ft.28.prionognath right anterior maxilla, GIT641-82, sample 497.8 ft.29.placognath left MI, GIT641-83, sample 497.8 ft.30.unknown placognath? jaw, specimen on permanent chitinozoan slide (Rennes University), sample 497.8 ft.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide