Making Wise Choices About HVAC Service Contracts

Heating and cooling systems at some point require professional services to ensure its efficiency.  Whether the service is for an emergency repair or an annual checkup, this could also be a tricky one to make.  Once a repair gets done for your HVAC system, it’s really relaxing to know that you can get back to your daily routine without any more heating and cooling - related problems.  Most of the HVAC companies offer extended service contracts or agreements on maintenance.  Accepting these can either be a blessing or a total waste of money.  What should you choose then? Here are some information that you need to know so you can avoid wasting money.

  • It is important to know what an HVAC service contract is and what exactly it covers.  Like what most contracts are, an HVAC service contract is an agreement between you and the service provider in which you pay them money for services on your HVAC system.


Most service contracts include checkups and tune-ups which will set the system at its best condition.  Some would include parts and labor for the problems that they will find during the checkup while some will even include emergency service.


Some of these contracts have priority treatment which guarantees that you will be able to save time and discomfort if the air conditioner fails during summer or the heater blows out during the dead of the winter.  Note that the more services a contract includes, the more costly it will be.  No matter how long and boring the service contract may seem to look, it is imperative that all consumers read service contracts as all the important details are included in the contract. 

  • What are the benefits that you get from a regular HVAC maintenance?  With regular maintenance, the technician will be able to clean the filters regularly and spot any potential problems which will give them a heads up of what to change or what to fix.  With all that being done on your system regularly, it is an assurance that the system will be efficient.


Furthermore, with a technician being able to identify and fix issues while they are still minor, can save yourself from bigger problems and more expensive repairs in the future.

  • How much are you going to spend on a service contract?  In some cases, the cost of the repair is much less than that of the service contracts.  Depending on the number of services, the price ranges from $150 to $500 per year.  If you have a new system that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, the cost may not be worthwhile as major repairs will be covered by the manufacturer.  Although, as a term of their warranty, there are some manufacturers that will require routine maintenance.


Remember that with service contracts, you will pay the fee every year whether your system needs a repair or not.  If the system works perfectly for 5 years but you pay $250 per year, you may be paying more than it is worth.

  • Learn more about the service contract before you purchase.  Before you give a yes to service contracts, it is better to calculate.  Will paying a yearly fee for the service contract be equal or less than paying for the service out of pocket?


Service contracts with emergency repairs for a reasonable price can be purchased.  Service contracts that don’t will make you think twice. 


Always read the fine print and identify the actions that you may do that will nullify the contract.


With enough knowledge about the service contract that is being offered, you will surely come up with a very wise decision.  Remember to always be sure that the company you’re signing up with is reliable, trustworthy and honest.