Why should security and network architects focus on mitigation?

Why should security and network architects focus on mitigation?

Security and network architects should have a fair understanding of threats. Highly sophisticated and application layer DDoS attacks are taking place and it has become a great challenge to protect your server and various network resources. If the threat perception is assessed properly right kind of mitigation services is used. The design, deployment and management of the architecture should take place in a very efficient manner. When you work with a proven and experienced service provider, your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient way.

Go for the best architecture

As you go for the best architecture, volumetric traffic mitigation will be done through the cloud component of DDoS protection. There will be reference architecture which is used to protect multiple layers beginning from 3 to 7. The efficient network defense tier protects DNS and layers 3 and 4. The DDoS Mitigation services should be revamped so that there will be great protection and the risk factor will be very low.

There are four kinds of attacks which take place generally. These are volumetric, asymmetric, computational and vulnerability-based attacks. There are computational attacks whose purpose is to consume CPU and memory. The asymmetric attacks are present whose purpose is to invoke timeouts or to notify session-state changes. Flood based attacks will take place at layer 3, 4 and 7.

There are various kinds of defensive mechanisms which are evolved to deal with various categories of attacks. The security posture will be maximized by developed a very robust network architecture so that all categories of threats will be handled very efficiently.

Mitigation components

In order to deal with four different kinds of DDoS attacks, the DDoS Mitigation system should have key components. Cloud-based scrubbing service and web application firewall are used to deal with volumetric DDoS attacks. Web application firewall can deal with the asymmetric category of DDoS attacks. The computational category of attacks is dealt by using application delivery controller and network firewall. The vulnerability-based attacks are dealt-with by building IP-reputation database and deploying intrusion prevention/detection systems. The application delivery controller is also used to deal with the vulnerability-based category of attacks.

There are best-selling firewalls. However, most of the firewalls can be attacked by using layer 4 attacks. The firewall should recognize and mitigate the attack very efficiently. Hyper Filter has the capability to deal with all kinds of threats. It has great infrastructure and manpower to deliver the best performance. The DDoS scrubbing service will be implemented very efficiently.

Strategic points of control in the network will be provided through the application delivery controllers. The computational and vulnerability based threats are validated by common protocols such as HTTP and DNS. The web application firewall comes with integrated DDoS protection. The security policy of the application will be understood by web application firewall. The policy will be implemented very efficiently so that attacks are controlled very efficiently. You will also get access to additional services such as anti-hacking, web scraping protection and PCI compliance. You can take advantage of the implementation of application delivery and application security policy at the same time.

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