IGBT Symbol & Tutorial - Eupec Infineon FZ1800R12KF4 Semiconductor Components

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Infineon Technoligies AG (formerly Eupec) FZ1800R12KF4 is the semiconductor component you definitely need if you want your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) give you more time in saving vital information during power failures. With a power of up of 1800A and a weight of only 8.82 lbs., this 190-mm single switch IGBT transistor module can guarantee the enhancement of many applications, including UPS.


FZ1800R12KF4 can produce high current rating that’s powerful enough to boost the power of UPS regardless of the kind of topology used. Its high durability gives it the ability to achieve high power density and conversion efficiency. Its dynamic module construction guarantees reliability.


Infineon FZ1800R12KF4 can withstand challenges and maintain optimum performance for a long time.



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