Three Popular Stages on Selling in the market

Nowadays, the stage is widely used in anyplace, such as school, event, wedding and so on. Different places, different stage. There are three kinds of stages on the market mainly.
1. Portable Stage
The portable stage is a new style stage, which is lighter and easier to assemble. The portable is made of the stage platforms and stage risers. The special designed stage risers are made of aluminum alloy, which is lighte and durable. The portable stage is often used for small stage events, such as wedding stage, school show and so on.
2. Folding Stage
The Folding stage is easy to move and assemble. Comparing with the portable stages, the folding stage is easier to move because of the special wheels. The structure of the folding stage is very simple. It's usually used for the family shows.
3. The Aluminum Stage
The aluminum stage is also the most popular stage. It is made of a lot of aluminum, which make the stage is harder and heavier. the aluminum stage is usually used for the big events, such as concerts, choruses and so on.
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