Seeking profits for paper industry under environmental protection

In facing the pressure coming industry and the government and society's concern for the environment, it is a challenge for paper industry to make a decision. It is also essential to make a choice for China paper suppliers when they get the information of this question.


There are various big and middle and small-sized enterprises for producing the paper for customers. For the answer to this question, some large paper companies have settled it in earlier time which means they have a lot experience. We can have a view of them together. For the degree of environmental keen of large paper companies, environmental Department official Sun Paper said this: "We are based on investment in environmental protection to build a hundred years, healthy and benign development is bound to comply with environmental regulations and standards, which is to do a hundred years. The bottom line of the requirements of environmental protection is not only to meet emissions standards, but also be respected." For China high-class leatherette paper, we should pay high attention to its hurt for the environment. In addition, when we calculate the economic loss and environmental protection for paper-making enterprises, there is no reward for them. "Environmental protection in emissions as well as energy-saving, due to environmental protection demand, we will develop new technology to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency of resource use.


Everyone in paper industry should take steps to solve the problem of environment question. Even you just produce durable double gray cardboard in China