tension fabric pop up display

The long listing of benefits made available by tension fabric displays allows you to comprehend why they would be the current craze in tradeshow exhibits, and might be here to remain. From light weight, simple to set structures up to vibrant colours, seamless crease and graphics -free materials, choosing a fabric exhibit is a smart decision on your next trade-show appearance.

Tension fabric trade-show where a structure when the fabric is stretched to match is created by the hardware displays are often constructed utilizing light-weight metal extrusions. Provided in numerous shapes and styles, these screens can stick out on their own or accompany additional tradeshow constructions like advertising standsand countertops, and can incorporate many different add-ons including dangling computer screens and brackets for shelving.

Here is a breakdown of the advantages offered by tension cloth shows:

Easy setup.

Materials zip metal extrusions just like a pillow-case around or ordinarily Velcro onto. Compared to other substances, set up is simple, especially when graphics are saved on the framework which just bursts open.

Eye catching graphics.

Tension fabric displays create eyecatching exhibits with their vibrant colors. Seamless graphics develop a clear and glossy appearance, while backlit material provides additional crisis.

Decreased charges.

Lightweight fabric screens, and their metal frames that pack into instances that are streamlined, keep down shipping costs. Fabric may be folded into a portion of its full-size to save space for storage. Additionally, images usually are not difficult if you want to update your tradeshow information, to swap out.


The fabrics widely used in tradeshow displays are fade-resistant, wrinkle-free, long enduring and machine-washable. How much better can it get than that?

Versatility and customization.

Tension fabric trade-show displays come in various options, sizes and shapes. They so are suitable for both outside and interior events, and can comprise add-ons that are numerous.

Backlit material is all around the the trade-show landscape nowadays, mainly because of its "wow" factor. The material that is glowing is clean and visually-appealing, and aids any booth stand out. It's also a trustworthy substance, not too difficult, and light-weight to put in place.

Adler Exhibit supplies a wide selection of fabric popup displays.

Our total panel material screen includes a seamless colour graphic in 10- foot, 8 - table top computer configurations and foot. You may also select from a number of additional progressive and versatile cloth pop-up display configurations. All our displays that are stunning come in dozens of different fabric popup versions for visual results that are spectacular. They may be destined to stop trade show guests in their own tracks.