Korean First Birthday - Doljanchi

The objects typically positioned are usually money (wealth), thread (long life), rice (food the kid won't go hungry), along along with a pencil (scholar). The Particular modern dol is much less Shamanistic but still incorporates many conventional aspects.


The standard clothes tend to be typically colorful and also incorporate a long belt (dol ddi) that wraps round the physique twice for longevity and a pouch (jumuni) for luck. Your sharing of rice cakes is considered to carry longevity and also happiness for your child.

Dol Table

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. The Actual term dol itself is a generic term pertaining to birthday but it will be most commonly used to describe the really first birthday.

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Many years ago in Korea, infant mortality rates were higher nevertheless following the age of one, the actual survival charge drastically increased and furthermore the 1st birthday became the highly celebrated milestone. a standard screen is frequently displayed inside the backdrop.

Fortune-Telling Ritual (Doljabi)

The fortune-telling ritual involves placing numerous objects before the actual child. Furthermore for longevity, the particular attire will not include buttons.

Dol Head Table (Dol Sang)

The table can be typically adorned with various forms of rice cakes (dduk), fruit, along with dol towers, which in turn represent the infant's future accomplishments. Within modern times, other items such as, a microphone (entertainer), any stethoscope (doctor) and a golf ball (athlete), possess also been included with the items.

Sharing associated with Food

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Upon completion of the doljabi, feasting, singing, along with games ensue. each item symbolizes a particular future outcome along with depending upon that merchandise the child chooses, his/her future. That is actually customary to always be able to in addition celebrate your 100th day birthday (baek-il) nevertheless the event is usually smaller throughout scale.


Traditionally, the particular significant components of the celebration were prayer along with providing thanks, the youngsters traditional birthday attire (dol bok), the particular dol head table (dol sang), your fortune-telling ritual (doljabi), as well as the sharing involving food.

The dol, or doljanchi, may end up being the celebration of the initial birthday within the Korean culture. Also, it is normal for you to display any bowl of rice, any bowl regarding seaweed soup, and other various food items items. Traditionally, gifts regarding money, clothes, as well as gold rings may in addition be introduced through friends to the child's parents at this time. In the finish with the event, any bundle regarding rice cakes as well as other foods can be distributed to each and every guest to consider home