Colorado Seniors Fitness Trends for 2014

Along with all the advances in technology and medicine, we of course have new developments in the sphere of fitness in the Denver area. You might be feeling bored with your current fitness routine, especially during this cold and dull time of year in the mountains. Starting a new and interesting workout might be what you need to get you out of that fitness slump, and help you advance in your fitness plan.

The newest trends are always interesting to look into and are always very helpful, even to the point of being lifesaving. As always, check with your doctor before starting any newfangled exercise or routine. It may even be a good idea to monitor your blood pressure with a small portable cuff while you are out, or if you are using an oxygen concentrator, keep an eye on your blood oxygen level with a hand held pulse oximeter.

Fitness Technology

During these cold months in this part of the country, we are doing plenty of working out indoors in recreational and rehabilitation centers in our area. Many of these facilities have upgraded their machines and now use smart card technology to help you keep track of your previous workouts.

You can keep tabs on how long you exercised on that particular machine, as well as track how many repetitions you did. You can enter person information such as your age, weight and gender, which helps the machine tell you how long to work out and even adjusts the resistance on the machine accordingly.


You remember skipping, don't you? As long as you can still do it comfortably, you might consider working it into your fitness regimen. You might worry about looking silly by skipping down the sidewalk instead of power walking or jogging, but skipping has recently been founds to be a great, practical alternative to jogging.

Skipping engages a different set of muscle groups, and burns about as much calories as regular jogging. It's also less jarring to the bottoms of your feet. It's important to switch up your routine after a while, since doing a particular exercise for too long will no longer do you much good. Skipping will also elevate your heart rate in the same way as jogging, but is much less monotonous. It definitely doesn't feel like you are working out, when you're skipping it could even make you feel like a kid again! Gather a small group of friends together and go skipping down a trail, or around the track at the fitness center.

Functional Training

Rehabilitation centers in the area have been getting on board with functional training machines, which help you to mimic things you would do in your day to day life. For example, you would be stepping up on a foot stool, or mimicking the motion of reaching to put a book on a shelf that fell on the floor. This will help prevent injury while doing these things at home.