Cisco, CyberLock, ImageWare Systems and Wave Systems Discuss Security Solutions | Reuters

RYE BROOK, NY, Jan 30 (Marketwire) -- ImageWare Systems (OTCQB: IWSY), Wave Systems (NASDAQ: WAVX)Cisco Mrs.Ulrica de-Fort Menares, Director of Product Management for CiscoMedianet, told us, "An intelligent network must become moreapplication-savvy. It must have the ability to determine the importanceof a session based on its business value, and treat the sessionaccordingly, end to end. One of the key medianet characteristics is itsability to become media-aware. Imagine this: The network can discover thetype of endpoint and automatically configure the switch port for thattype of device. This ability to plug and play any endpoint in the networkis an example of tight integration between an int