Top of the most rare, but very interesting professions in the world

Top of the most rare, but very interesting professions in the world

Often everyday work make us think about changing the profession, because, even if you love your profession, you often want to do something new, interesting and exciting.

If you want to change your profession or do something unique, here is to your attention the rating of very rare, but very exciting professions. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find your calling


Burgerologist. Sphere of restaurant and fast food nowadays is very popular and the inhabitants of the cities, especially large, increasingly come bite to eat there.
Burger - one of the most popular fast foods of our time, so there is such a profession as burgerologist - a specialist who works with the chef to create new kinds of burgers for fast food restaurants.


A researcher of pandas (much more interesting then research paper writer). Giant Panda is one of the most recognizable, cute animals, but it is worth remembering that this species is on the brink of extinction, and scientists do everything to increase the population of pandas.
In China Research Center for the Conservation of the Giant Panda, all researchers who have contact with the cubs wears big costumes of pandas. They believe that because of this animal will not get used to life among the people and will be able to survive in the wild.


Professional hugger. The inhabitants of Japan and some states in America have access to the unique services of professional huggers. After a hard day you can pay $ 50 and watch a movie in the embrace of the professional.