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The Diocese of Beaumont is focused on children's safety and young adults, the well being of the city, along with the strength of the Cathedral's ministry. Polesworth Abbey followed its origins to St Editha of Tamworth, who offered her title to E Editha's parish church. In 1499, a Lichfield mercer, Mark Rochford and Jones Comberford, leased Timmor's manor for 12 years from John Beaumont. When Beaumont died in 1502, he'd three remaining baby kids who were his heirs that are equal. Thomas Comberford might have had custody of Wednesbury's manor throughout those three Beaumont daughters' minority. Throughout his marriage, in right of his wife (jure uxoris), Henry de Beaumont was 4th Earl of Buchan.

To proclaim their newfound reputation, their coating was quartered by the family -of-forearms with all the family, and in addition applied quarterings' hands demonstrating their inheritance of the property through the family. Inspite of the family tree on the decorated limit of the Long gallery inside the moat Household, Tamworth, tracing a noble ancestry for your family through the marriage of Dorothy Beaumont and Humphrey Comberford, there are conflicting statements about the family's beginnings. Some records declare that the Beaumont family is originated from Louis Count of Anjou Double of France.

Fundamentally, this part of the estate passed for Fisherwick's Skeffington group, who also became the homeowners of Comberford Corridor within the century. Dorothy (Beaumont) Comberford eventually church in beaumont learned the Beaumont properties, which became the main Comberford estates inherited by her eldest boy, Johnson Comberford (ca 1530-1597), after Dorothy died in 1565.