WHY YOU ARE POOR..........

I really laugh when thought like this comes in my head.

Well lets face real fact. Do poverty exist. YES / NO ?

I don't really think so.

My father told me a story about poverty, when they were worried about a situation which their reactions caught the attention of the white ma.

1 My father didn't really attended school.

2. He had just come from the village to the city

3. He didn't understand education by then.

But for now he is the richest man in my community and beyond. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Now lets look at the things that prevent people from being rich.

1. Lack of education

2. Lack of knowledge

3. Laziness

4. Ignorance

5. Friends and Family and a whole lot

6. Lack of proper savings

now let's elaborate the above point.



As we all know education is the key to success. Education opens many doors that even key could not open. Education throw more light on your future. It takes only Grace and without education to make someone successful, since there is an exceptions to every rule. We go to school to enlighten our knowledge and broaden our scope of mind. Without education how can you read and write, how can you perform a particular task given under a particular job or work.



knowledge is power. Before one can be rich, he or she must learn how to make money, how to own it and how to control it.

IT's difficult for most of us to handle money very well. I mean it's difficult to control them. THey turn up controling us rather. More often you shoul have a better idea of what the money is. Is it from a good source or you are pleased with anything, since it's money? Well my advice for you is to know how you make money. Don't make fake monies. No matter what they continue to be fake and not real. Make money the right way and you're saved.



Lazy people are always busy to desist from work.

You can't be rich without working. Even the world richest man still works not to talk of you.

Even the BIBLE clearifies that it's good to work. When God cursed Adam. He told him ''YOU WILL SUFFER TO WORK BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOUR  FAMILY" Laziness is a bad spirit. It can put you under boundage and stop you for putting in right. God did not make laziness in you. Stand up work hard, feel the challenges and win the victory in life.