Selenium Training Tutorial For Beginner Using Java

The Top Resources for Learning Selenium Webdriver Quickly

In a recent post I wrote about what language you must choose to begin with Selenium Webdriver Training. Another question Im normally asked is, Which publications or resources would you recommend for a person who's new to programming and just getting getting to grips with with Selenium Webdriver Tutorial? When I moved from UFT to Selenium Webdriver Training online, this was something I also struggled with.

My Selenium Webdriver Sources List

Within recent years Ive spent a lot of time researching Selenium Webdriver Tutorial online resources and talking with a few of the top Selenium Webdriver Online Training Tutorials automation thought leaders on my TestTalks podcast. Predicated on my guests favored resources (and my own expertise) Ive come across what I consider to be the very best books and video classes for instruction someone who is new to Selenium Training Online the way to get started.

I chose to produce an inventory of Selenium training resources you should check out on the basis of the language you pick. ( in case youre not sure what language to make use of, be sure to check out my previous post on What programming language you should learn for Selenium Training Tutorials.)

Choose your Selenium Tutorial online Language Curriculum

Choose your programing language below, then take a peek at my top recommend books and sources to get up to speed fast with Selenium Online Training.


Al Sweigart Automate the Dull Items with Python: Practical Programming for Absolute Beginners
Should you know nothing about programming and you would like to use Python for your test automation efforts, make sure to have a look at Automate the Boring Stuff.

Als main aim in writing this novel was to create some thing for grownups with office work, or adults with jobs where they use computers each day so which they might learn programming as a practical way to automate a lot of things that they might otherwise need to accomplish using a bunch of clicking and typing. So if youre a Python newbie, I might begin here.

To get a sneak-peek of Als extensive Python knowledge, check Episode 54 of TestTalks.

Unmesh Gundecha Understanding Selenium Webdriver Training online Screening Tools with Python

After reading Automate the Mundane Stuff, it is suggested that you simply then move ahead to Unmeshs novel.

It is a real, practical, hands-on guide that should have you creating Selenium Webdriver Tutorial online automation awesomeness with Python very quickly.

Check out Unmeshs interview as we talk all things Selenium Training Online in The Selenium Tutorial online Testing Device Cookbook TestTalks episode.


When I believe Ruby automation, I automatically believe Dave Haeffner.

First, Dave has a great free Selenium Online Training hint newsletter called Elemental Selenium Training Tutorials that is a weekly must-read.

For a real Ruby selenium webdriver course Studying bootcamp I also urge Daves The selenium webdriver interview questions Guide-Book Novel/Video program. There is both a Java and Ruby variation.

I had been also fortunate enough to get Dave on the TestTalks podcast to discuss his Selenium Webdriver Online Training Tutorials Guidebook in episode 2.


I know of two principal resources that can turn you into a Java Selenium Video Tutorials pro, and theyre equally by Alan Richardson.