FBO Services at Le Bourget

Our Le Bourget FBO provides more than 20,000 square meters of parking space for our private aircraft clientele, in addition to private car parking for passengers and crew. Take full advantage of our concierge services so that you see many action on your stay, including hotel booking, limousine, helicopter transfers and shopping. We'll gladly provide you with trip planning services if you are planning to wait matches at other venues scattered in the united states.

Operators worldwide depend on the information and expertise of Jetex Flight Support to offer reliable trip support services in most location. With an extensive infrastructure network of 37 staffed locations across 27 countries including: FBOs, flight planning, travel, fuel and operations teams.

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Since Jetex' inception in 2005, global flight support operations have grown to include over 600 employees using the requisite skills needed to satisfy the diverse needs in our clientele. State-of-the-art systems provide vital information 24/7. The very first Jetex FBO opened at Le Bourget last year. Check out a virtual tour in our FBO lounge, reception desk and airside facilities at Le Bourget.

Jetex is preparing to meet your ground support, fueling/refueling and trip planning requirements through the 2016 Euro Cup competition. Please contact Jetex today for prompt, friendly and professional assistance.

More details about Jetex trip support web portal: check here.