Connect with Healing Energy from Gemstones in Handmade Jewelry

Gemstones are like medicine as they are required to heal certain energies in your body. But, it's a fact that quality gemstones with affordable prices are not reachable to common man and there has been lot of issues regarding quality whenever we buy gemstone jewelry or gemstone beads itself from any source. from ancient times it's been believed that gemstones have mythical powers and healing energies.  many of us may not believe on healing powers of "GEMSTONE" but they do feel that there are certain natural forces attached with each of the "Gemstone".


it's one of the most commonly seen gemstone (semi precious stone) in gemstone Jewelry. Amethyst has been worn and honored by many cultures for centuries. It is believed that ancient Greeks had given high valued belief that this Amethyst stone protect it's wearer from drunkenness or bad decisions. The Name of the Gemstone itself originated from the Greek Society. it's been generated by mixing two words i.e. A(not) and Methustos(intoxicated). In modern time it's large quantity and beautiful varying hues of purple and violet has made it a perfect gemstone to use in handmade jewelry for many of the wholesale gemstone jewelry suppliers. it is believed by many people today that wearing Amethyst can bring calmness, peace, balance, and patience.


 It is also known as birthstone of June and comes in various color and pattern varieties. it is available from common white opal to a blistering red stone with flashes of yellow and orange. Wearing or carrying an opal Gemstone is often result in bringing more creativity and impulsiveness into one's life.


it is known as the oldest protection amulets. in many of our ancient cultures it has been used as a symbol of wealth.  Turquoise has been also understood as a great symbol of friendship and when gifted to someone it brings the protection from negative energies to the wearer. This stone is also considered as highly personal  and meaningful stone that can heal certain energies into your body. it is said to have anti-inflammatory properties which makes it so special for one.


This gemstone was discovered in manyara region in northern Tanzania. Naturally formed tanzanite is extremely rare. This gemstone is December month gemstone. It is highly valued for spiritual exploration, bringing together all aspects of communication and psychic power. Its high vibrational energy invites protection and safety in linking with higher realms, and allows for deep profound meditation.